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Minx Aftercare Advice

A minx manicure is recommended to maximise adhesion however it's not essential. Minx fingers last upto 2 weeks however Minx toes toes can last upto 8 weeks. 
Keep hairdryers away from your minx nails as they heat them up allowing them to move or even worse come off completely. Minx does not need a top coat and will constantly maintain it's shine. 

Minx Removal 

To remove your minx at home please ensure you heat the minx before removal by placing your fingers or toes into warm water, or remove your minx while taking a bath. Once the minx is warm break the seal between the minx and the side of the nail with an orangewood stick and slowly peel the minx off from side to side. Finish with a drop of CND Solar Oil to nourish each nail.